No Mercy For The Wicked

Author: suri711

Pairing: Kyungsoo/Baekhyun

Rating: NC-17

Summary: Tired of being mistaken for the bottom in his relationship with Baekhyun, Kyungsoo decides to teach his boyfriend a lesson.(role swap, sex, swearing, rimming, dirty talk, light!spanking.)

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Hi ! Do you have some Street Race AU fic to recommend me ? I really want to read some Street Race AU right now.. T.T ..

i can’t find much, too be honest all i see are links to arbitrage lol

-admin oeishi

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I'm so sorry, this must be a burden because you're so busy! But if you can, can you link a few bottom!baekhyun fics please? It would be a miracle if you can, but it's all good if you can't! Please don't overwork yourself • ㅈ • thank you!

this is also for the other anon who asked, but i think most of our baekhyun fics are bottom baekhyun, for example if you check the baekyeol, baekris, maybe even baekai tags they’ll likely all be bottom!baekhyun unless they’re tagged as #role-reversal in which case he tops lol

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The Lines And Spaces Between Us

Author: superbyeol92

Pairing: D.O/Kai

Rating: NC-17

Summary: Jongin is not gay in the first place (or that is what he thinks so); but Kyungsoo is a confusion, and he lets himself be confused.

Comments: deals with some internalized homophobia and some angst with that, overall still quite fluffy and cute

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do you know any good cheating fics? i dont mind which pairings

-admin oeishi c:

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The Gray Area

Author: eexiee

Pairing: Chanyeol/Kai

Rating: NC-17

Summary: Chanyeol and Jongin live in two different worlds. It’s winter when the worlds meet, and it’s winter when they fall apart.

Comments: loved this au, it’s quite interesting. it’s influenced from brave new worlds and 1984 which was neat. 

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Catch My Breath

Author: jojo_kim

Pairing: Chanyeol/Chen

Rating: NC-17

Summary: Chanyeol has the worst timing when it comes to Jongdae, but Jongdae doesn’t seem to mind. Much.

Comments: band!au where the two both have the hots for each other, but are oblivious as hell

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hey guys just want to give a heads up that maayacola and sendandrecieve all have their LJs up, i’m not sure whether it’s out of reluctance or not but lets be respectful! 

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Author: spiritkitkat

Pairing: Chanyeol/Baekhyun

Rating: NC-17

Summary: Baekhyun was in every form of the word - a tease. And also good at math.

Comments: make sure you also read the sequel pull (also just smut). baekhyun is dominant and hot and it’s just great

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Just stopped by to say that this is an awesome blog, I always seem to find the best fics over here (all nc-17 but hey, they're still good.) ^^ Thank you for reccomending so often and helping others find their wanted fanfic. <3

thank you for your kind message!! \o/

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