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Anonymous: A thousand yehets to this blog k. Much love to the extremely kind admins and all the amazing recs -cries-

ooo thank you, thousands of ohorats to you my friend ;u;

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Anonymous: I'm *kind of* (but not rlly I'm just hopelessly clueless) new to fanfiction...I was wondering if you could explain fic exchanges a bit to me. I really like to write but I have no idea what these things are, how they work for new fanfiction writers, etc. And do you know anything about the new fic exchange "stillnessisthemove", the Chankai based one?? thank you, thank you, thank you!!

helloo, well i can tell you what i know about exchanges. basically you sign up for them and you give usually 3 (or more) prompts you’d like to have written for the exchange (for ex if it’s the chankai exchange you write three prompts related to them) and you usually write info like types of fics ur comfortable writing in terms of genres/rating. and then the mods will exchange you prompts with someone and you will get ur own set of prompts from a different user and you pick which ever prompt you like best and write a fic for them! and someone else will be writing the one of the prompts you wrote out too! so it’s like secret santa kind of haha?

as long as you go on the lj community and read their rules it’s quite easy to sign up for them. i don’t know too much about stillnessisthemove except that their sign ups started a few days ago! so if you want to sign up you totally should! i really rec following sncjmods on twitter if you have twitter bc they rt info about all kinda of fic exchanges in terms of sign ups and reveals and everything in between!

indyeol: Hi *-* I just passed by to say your tumblr is gold ♥ like, reeeeal. love the way you organize your fanfics and how you are with everyone. you surely are the best ♥ good luck and fighting!

thank yoou dear, i’m glad you like it! o/

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Anonymous: How do i submit a fanfic?

you can submit fics right here c:

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Author: Lollismack.
Pairing: Hunhan/Sekai.
Rating: PG-13
Summary: "Kai’s like a drug, and he just can’t get enough. And that’s love to him." 

Anonymous: I love your guys' blog !! And do you have any Jongin drug fics ? Or anything with him struggling with issues like depression or something ? Sorry if this is odd lol.

hahaha, no i feel like i’ve read a lot of fics like that, here’s some, they’re all soooo good:

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Anonymous: Can you recommend some pair fics. Like twin fics. I love your blog btw :)

okay i couldn’t really find too many but here you goo:

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Anonymous: Hey~ I was wondering if you had a KaiSoo (or KaiXAnyone, really) in which Jongin's a ballet dancer and the other finds him to be the most beautiful dancer in the studio, resulting in fluff and maybe smut? Thanks :*

here’s some ballet!AU, i think most of them involve smut of fluff? o/

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Anonymous: hi there wonderful admin. Do you know any fanfics where the main character is in a mental institution? I know of Boy Interrupted (and one Seho fic I can't remember the name of lol) and idc which pairing it is~ thank you very much for the recs lovely<33 ^^

here are some:

am i surprised i can only find fics with a psycho!kai h ah, i couldn’t find too many so if you guys know some more please rec!

-admin o

Anonymous: Could you please help me find a fic? There was a fic which had Luhan, Kai and Sehun in it. Kai was a little off and made Luhan feel like shit and wear tons of makeup. Sehun had a crush on Luhan. It was really good but I forgot what it was called. And Kai and Sehun got into a fight in the fic. If you know what this fic is called, please do reply. Thank you.

the fic is called rip out the wings of a butterfly by illegiblesigns but sadly she took down all her fics so i don’t have a link for you. sobs/ i loved that fic so much though

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