Kyungsoo OTP Drabbles

Author: swotulu

Pairing: D.O/Kai

Rating: NC-17

Comment: kitty!jongin and top!soo, very important combination. top!soo is very important to me, dom kyungsoo and slightly whiny jongin is very important. read this.

Anonymous whispered: "hi! i seriously feel stupid for not finding this blog of yours even when i really like nc-17 exo stories but now that I found it, yay more sources thank youuu! please allow me the honor of sharing think link, it's a story with different smut chapters for every exo ships and i just--police!officer chanbaek is just hnnnnhgggghhhh www[]asianfanfics[]com/story/view/599242/"

thank yooou!! and don’t feel stupid (we haven’t updates in a while anyways oops) and here’s a link for everyone. p-police officer chanbaek you say? //sweats


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Anonymous whispered: "hiiii :) I'm looking for a BaekYeol fic that Baek's in the 'up above' world and Yeol's in 'down under' world and these 2 worlds shouldn't contact each other or smthg. I read it a while ago and forgot the title :("

i remember wanting to read this fic for so long, i completely forgot about it! it’s glissandi by lababoreine right?

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anon was looking for some more sutao!





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kuelemelelele whispered: "Hi! I'm looking for a ff, which who Kai was Kyungsoo's dad (daddy kink I'm guess) and Kyungsoo was about 10 years old... I remember there was a scene under the shower... Can you please help me to find this? :C"

hi! is this the one?? x

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don't you look into my eyes and lie again

author: reinterlace
pairing: suho x chen
rating: nc-17
summary: pwp ft. crossdressing junmyeon
comments: the dialogue between them is really funny!

Anonymous whispered: "Hello ! Do you have some prostitute fic? I'm looking for some and I don't know why but I can't find any.. '-' .."

i recced some here before so maybe check those out?

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new admin

okay so i finally picked a new admin and i’m so thankful to everyone who applied. it was really hard to for me to pick because you’re all great so i hope you can still continue to support our blog. anyway without further ado say hello to admin c! please say hi and hello to her! (◡‿◡✿)

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Drunk In Love

Author: tatoeba

Pairing: Chanyeol/Jongin

Rating: NC-17

Summary: Chanyeol does body shots off Jongin in a nightclub and makes him come without touching his cock

Comment: the summary says it all, very smutty and well written. also this is great for the anon who asked fpr fics where someone comes untouched

The Neighbors Know My Name

Author: praxisss

Pairing: Chanyeol/Baekhyun

Rating: NC-17

Summary: If you asked everyone for a quality that summed up Park Chanyeol, there would be one universal characteristic that rose above them all. Park Chanyeol was a ladies man. 

Comment: absolutely loved this fic, it was well written, funny and the smut was so hot. baekhyun is extremely sassy and extremely attractive i totally recommend this. it gets so much better when you realize the meaning behind the title.