Author: spiritkitkat

Pairing: Chanyeol/Baekhyun

Rating: NC-17

Summary: Baekhyun was in every form of the word - a tease. And also good at math.

Comments: make sure you also read the sequel pull (also just smut). baekhyun is dominant and hot and it’s just great

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Just stopped by to say that this is an awesome blog, I always seem to find the best fics over here (all nc-17 but hey, they're still good.) ^^ Thank you for reccomending so often and helping others find their wanted fanfic. <3

thank you for your kind message!! \o/

-admin oeishi

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Hi there! This isn't really a 'looking for a fic' question but I was just wondering - since I'm new-ish to the EXO fandom - what is/are the most popular pairing(s)? Just curious :) Thank you in advance!

welcome to the fandom! honestly, anon, the popular pairings change with every comeback. like at first baekyeol, kaisoo, hunhan, sulay, taoris and xiuchen were quite popular but presently, chankai, taohun, suchen, xiuhan are just as big. conclusion: you can ship anyone in exo together

-admin oeishi

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Jongdae, Eleven Times Over   

Author: dansyk

Pairing: Chen/Baekhyun

Rating: NC-17

Summary: kink meme canon verse where jongdae is everyone’s fucktoy

Comments: recced by baekini, thank you! baekchen fic with bottom!chen and dirty talk hehe.

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Title: Can’t Stop Now
Pairing: Minseok/Yixing
Rating: NC17
Length: 1300w
Summary: Blowjobs during school hours are generally a Bad Idea.

He hears a deep sigh before he can see Principal Wu through squinted eyes. )

Title: It All Comes Tumbling Down
Pairing: Minseok/Zitao
Rating: NC17
Length: 3300w
Warnings: a/b/o, knotting, self-lubrication, rimming, mentions of mpreg
Summary: Minseok is an omega currently pining over the hot alpha who lives across the hall.

There must be something in the air today. )

Title: The Collision Of Your Kiss
Pairing: Minseok/Baekhyun
Rating: R
Length: 1350w
Summary: It’s been nearly a century since Minseok’s seen Baekhyun. (vampire au)

Baekhyun always was one for dramatics. )

Title: All Your Perfect Imperfections
Pairing: Minseok/Yifan
Rating: NC17
Length: 2k
Summary: Minseok may not mind the near twenty year age difference between them, but Yifan seems to think this makes him unsuitable for something serious.

Minseok likes the way Yifan looks in his pressed business suits and ties, but he prefers it when he gets the disheveled, bedhead Yifan all to himself more. )

Title: Investigations Of The Heart
Pairing: Minseok/Joonmyun
Rating: NC17
Length: 2300w
Summary: Typical best friends falling for each other.

If Joonmyun had developed a crush somewhere along the way, Minseok would have noticed. Right? )

Title: Nothing Better
Pairing: Minseok/Jongin
Rating: G
Length: 1300w
Summary: (parentals au) Weekends are the best.

Tiny limbs are great for stabbing and lodging in places they shouldn’t be. )

Title: Balancing The Beast
Pairing: Minseok/Kyungsoo
Rating: NC17
Length: 2750w
Warnings: rimming, mentions of mpreg
Summary: As the son of the Alpha, Minseok must choose a mate. Tonight.

Minseok is bound to stay in the circle until he chooses one of these wolves. )

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since it was recent xiumin’s birthday, thesockmonster posted plenty of xiumin fics and so i’m just going to share them all because they’e great.

Title: A Game Of Patience
Pairing: Minseok/Luhan
Rating: NC17
Length: 3k
Summary: Prince Minseok finds himself betrothed to a man he’s never met.

Minseok spends his days leading up to the wedding hoping that Luhan will pull him away again so they can be alone. )

Title: Baby, We’re Just Skin And Bones
Pairing: Minseok/Sehun
Rating: NC17
Length: 2k
Summary: Minseok loves watching his boyfriend on stage.

Sehun is quick to hook an elbow behind Minseok’s neck, dragging him in for a breathy kiss. )

Title: Burning Out
Pairing: Minseok/Chanyeol
Rating: NC17
Length: 1700w
Summary: (Mama Power Au!) Chanyeol fucks up.

The last thing he sees before Jongin wraps an arm around his waist to port him away is Chanyeol’s dumb lost puppy look. )

Title: Blast Off
Pairing: Minseok/Jongdae
Rating: NC17
Length: 2300w
Summary: With the Earth uninhabitable, Minseok and Jongdae work for a new home.

Minseok and Jongdae are lucky enough to have common sense on their side - that and a determination to live long enough to see themselves off the moon and on a ship to a far better place. )

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And I'd Give It All Up For You

Author: cupofdaisies

Pairing: Kai/D.O

Rating: NC-17

Summary: Jongin and Kyungsoo sift through the bonds of marriage to find a love for themselves.

Comments: sixteen year old jongin’s love affair with ten year older married man kyungsoo. i love the transition of the fic, it was cute with just the right amount of angst!

2 weeks ago | 17

From The Hood To The Backseat

Author: thesockmonster
Pairing: Luhan/Chanyeol
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Luhan needs his tailpipe cleaned.
Comments: wellllllllll! Rare pairing getting down and dirty in a mechanics shop andddd slightly in a car. Includes rimming, spanking, and other glorious smut-full things.

2 weeks ago | 19

Little White Submarines

Author: cupofdaisies

Pairing: Kai/D.O

Rating: NC-17

Summary: Pain doesn’t affect pain.

Comments: has some trigger themes, so check the warnings first. i liked the story, it was cold and jongin’s character was intriguing. 

2 weeks ago | 14

It Was All in Bloom for Me

Author: lababoreine

Pairing: Kai/Sehun

Rating: NC-17

Summary: Jongin’s god is the pale, white circle in the sky.

Comments: super cute werewolf meets human au! this fic isn’t exactly romantic per se, jongin and sehun really maintain that bffl relationship and it’s so funny, i loved that. i also loved the author’s development with baekyeol and krisho’s relationship

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