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Double Trouble

Author: jjokkomi

Pairing: Kai/Twins!Soo

Rating: NC-17

Summary: Do Kyungsoo has a twin and Jongin finds that out the hard way. Now if he only could only figure out which one he’s got a date with.

Comment: thank you theotherhalfofawesome for recing this fic! for the anon who asked for twin!soo

Anonymous: do you know where can i read 'Jinxed' ? i wanna read it so bad ~

i believe the author deleted it so i don’t have a link for you ):

-admin o

Anonymous: Any new twincest or like d.o/kyungsoo or jongin/kai fics you can recomend please? I love your blog <3

i’ve read some jongin/kai fics but i can’t find any kyungsoo/d.o fics (if anyone knows some let me know!)

  • we intertwined (jongin/kai, with sehun) 
  • mine (kai/jongin, amazing fic hehe)
  • plasticine (jongin/kai, with luhan, i found this now and it looks great)

-admin o

Anonymous: Can you please recommend any daddy kink fics?

our tag for it is right here!

-admin o

Anonymous: Hi admins! I saw the ask for bottomkai and have some links! This rec blog is closed bottomkaifics(.)tumblr(.)com but there's also this blog that tags who bottoms exoxofics(.)tumblr(.)com/tagged/kink%3A-bottom-kai

bottomkaifics &  for anyone looking for bottom!jongin fics! (how amazing is bottom!jongin for kaisoo and sekai fics h ah hh)

-admin o

Anonymous: could i request some baeklay because i am in serious need of fics for this pairing~~

i had a small phase where i really fell hard for them but nc17 fics for them are limited ;uu; 

-admin o

Anonymous: hi~ do you know a fic of kris and yixing being in the same highschool and working together (with a lot of exo members) at a bar owned by suho after school?

falling in love (is hard on the knees)? c:

-admin o

The Boy Who Wore Black

Author: xXthunderloveXx

Pairing: Hunhan

Rating: NC-17

Summary: Sehun’s top of his class, favours cosy sweaters and plaid button-ups. He’s usually seen sitting front and centre of the class, with chunky square spectacles pushed high up on his nose. He’s not one to gossip, nor care what people think. He’s a logical man. But something about the boy with shoulder length pink hair makes him act the opposite 


Take Care + Friends Like These

Author: gdgdbaby

Pairing: TaeKai (Taemin of SHINee and Kai)

Rating: NC-17

Summary:semi-public sex @ the august 18 smtown concert in seoul; post-music bank win porn, bc of reasons. ft. boys crying

Warnings: Smut, crying kink, and swearing

Comments: Two one-shots on the page! Featuring TaeMAN.

Clinging To Not Getting Sentimental

Author: Annafeu

Pairing: TaeKai (Taemin of SHINee and Kai)

Summary: Kai is the notorious bad boy in town, and Taemin has the pleasure of brushing with him every time he causes trouble.

Warnings: Smut, Adult Content, Slight Angst, Drugs, Spanking, Role-Reversal (Bottom!Kai)

Comments: For the Anon who wanted TaeKai, this one is golden. Anything by Anna is golden, actually.

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